Why Learning Matters Indy?

Learning Matters Indy offers private tutoring for students of all ages and abilities in a wide variety of disciplines.

Did you know that every 3rd grader in Indiana must now take the IREAD3 standard exam to continue onto 4th grade?

Upcoming Testing Dates:
IREAD3: March 19th
ISTEP: March 5-14th (Grades 3-8)

Our highly qualified and caring tutors are ready to come alongside your child to coach, instruct, and encourage in: 

    • K-12 core academic requirements (math, reading, science, language arts, English, social studies, English as a Second Language, etc.)
    • Research and writing
    • Time management and organization skills
    • Independent study skills (learning how to learn)
    • Standardized test prep (ISTEP, GRE, SAT, ACT, etc.)
    • Assistance with all projects and homework

In addition to covering academic subject matter, our tutors will take time to:  

    • Identify the student's displayed (as well as their perceived) academic strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify learning styles and provide strategies for capitalizing on those styles
    • Promote confidence the student can take back into the classroom
    • Help foster a life-long love of learning by coaching students on how to teach themselves